Dana White Wants To Save Olympic Wrestling Everyone Else Should Too


Dana White seems to have changed his tune when it comes to saving Olypic wrestling.

Wasn’t it during the UFC on Fuel TV 7 press congference that we heard Dana White say, “I can’t be the guy to try and run out and save wrestling.” Hmmm it’s funny because now he’s all Gung-ho for the cause. It’s like he not only jumped on the bandwagon but kicked the driver off and took the reigns.

“I’ve met with a lot of top guys in wrestling. I met with them last Tuesday, and the UFC is joining the fight to help save Olympic wrestling.” White said during UFC on Fox 7’s promotional media call.

He’s made the bold move to call out Bellator, UFC’s biggest rival in mixed martial arts, to help save the status of Olympic wrestling.  Due to a recent IOC ruling Olympic Wrestling will no longer be included in the Olympic games past 2020.

“It’s in the discussion phase. these guys are going out and fighting the fight. I think what I can do, and not just me and the UFC, but I think other companies like Bellator, too – Viacom owns Bellator, and I think Viacom would be probably interested in fighting the fight too.”


While we are in total support of the cause to save Olympic Wrestling, we wonder how this will benefit Mixed Martial Arts in the long run.  Certainly this isn’t the first time White has changed his tune on a topic but the real question is, what’s the agenda beyond the obvious?  Let us know what you think in the comments!