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UFC 161 Press Conference Recap


If you missed the live broadcast of the UFC 161 Press Conference, we’ve got the low down right here!

The first solid 8 to 10 minutes were of Tom Wright standing at the podium going on about how excited and proud he was to be in Winnipeg  Canada along with having the UFC there for UFC 161. They wanted to wait for “the best of the best”. They were really sucking up to Winnipeg.

The fighters present at the press conference were Alexis Davis, a black belt in Japanese Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Eddie Wineland and Interm Bantamweight Champion Henan Barao. Eddie vs Henan will be the main event. Alexis would be going up against Rosie Sexton for the first ever women’s bout in Canada.

Both Henan and Wineland know what its like to fight in Canada. Davis is a Canadian local and is happy to be back.


The press conference started out with questions to the fighters then it went down to the fans.

The first question out the door was reporter from mmacanada.net asking both Henan and Wineland how their training was going to go for upcoming their bout and why they think they have an advantage.

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Henan replied that he would be going 100% for training in his boxing and jiu jitsu. Wineland commented that he’s going to be doing everything he normally does. He’ll be doing more grappling. He thinks he has an advantage because he’s going to push harder, he’s stronger, faster, hits harder and is a better wrestler.

The athletes were asked about Dominick Cruz and if after this fight should he be on the next bout what would happen. Both guys mentioned they weren’t looking past this upcoming battle. Eddie added, “I wouldn’t wanna lay inactive.” Talking about Cruz’s injury and if he would be able to fight after.

Henan thanked the Brazilian fan base in Winnipeg and expects them to be out cheering him up during the fight. We found out his daily workout from morning to night is waking up very early going very hard with different sections. He stays away from his hometown and family for 2 to 3 months at a time for training to stay focused.

Wineland stated he wouldn’t be gun shy. He’s coming out and pulling the trigger, he’s gonna be the bully and make it ugly. He wasn’t concerned about added pressure coming into the fight and that the 25 minute rounds of conditioning is in his favor in the end. Wineland did say that out of Faber and Jorgensen he would choose Faber. He’s “faster and more explosive”


With all the buzz going around about transgendered fighter Fallon Fox, Davis was asked if she’d go head to head with the fighter. “I don’t really think ummm…for myself that I can really give a comment about that.” But that she would highly consider it and pretty much fight anyone who came her way. It wouldn’t be too much of a problem for her.

In regards to Davis fighting Sexton it’s going to be all cardio. Sexton is an “energizer bunny”. She has a vicious ground and pound. Rosie Sexton wasn’t there because she was just told that she would be fighting Davis on short notice and wasn’t able to make the press conference.

A reporter, from what sounded like NBC News, asked Tom Wright from the Ontario Athletic commission about the Canadian fighter who died recently in a non-UFC fight. What’s interesting about this story is that Wright went on to say he wasn’t sure if the ref’s were legit, if the fighter had any medical conditions before hand and things about it being a fair fight. He adds, “Health and safety is always first and for most.” Even so, Wrights’s statements aside, Ontario has questionable rules and regulations when it comes to PED testing and weight limits on title fights.

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On the lighter side, 103.1 Virgin Radio’s Big Marv had some funny comments and advice to the fighters. He alluded to Alexis being just absolutely beautiful and that Wineland had a fantastic mustache. He then apologized to Henan for it being so cold there and that there is a great all-you-can-eat Brazilian BBQ in town. “Just looking out for you.”

In closing Tom Wright went on again to thank Winnipeg for having them here and how wonderful it was to be there again. He also thanked the fans and press for being there.