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Things To Remember When Sparring In MMA


These are some simple yet effective skills and techniques to remember when sparring in MMA.

1. Control the distance

– When you pair up with an opponent, after your bow or glove touch, get your guard up and make sure you create just the right distance to control the fight.  Keeping distance and striking range in check will allow you to better defend against an attack and respond with a counter.

2. Keep them thinking when you back out

-When you move around your opponent, hit him with something. It’ll keep the guy busy trying to defend it, rather than him coming back with a counter. A lot of fighters will attack then back up in the same angle then attacked in the same direction again. It would be more effective if you attacked then cut the corner while throwing a distracting blow. Keeps your opponent on the defensive in a reactionary role.

3. Try new things

– You’ll never know if something works unless you try it. In this sport you don’t roll up to people with just a bunch of punches and no kicks. Learn multiple martial art techniques and use them. You have two feet and two arms that can do soem damage in numerous combos. So don’t be afraid to develop and use new skill sets instead of just sticking to what you think you’re best at.

4. It’s your fight, make him fight it

– People are good at different things. A tall fighter is going to have long range, shorter ones will likely get inside and pound it out. Figure out what fighter you’re going up against and make sure you keep them from getting what they need to fight effectively. Get in close like to kick. Wrap them up if they like to punch, things like this can turn the fight in your direction and keep it there if you are able to effectively maneuver your way around it.

5. Change your angles

– Don’t roll at your opponent head on. No matter their size or skill it’s always smarter to attack from an alternate angle. Wether it be a couple inches to either side, this will create openings for making your strikes more effective.  It also keeps your opponent moving and guessing at where the next blow is coming from.

6. Act, act, act

– Like most things in life if you don’t do it you’ll miss out on it. Many people will never launch their attacks, instead they are thinking about what they are going to do. In the time they are doing this, their opponent could act first and take your down. Be patient but don’t hesitate if you see an opening.

If you have any other suggestions, feel free to comment!