10 MMA Facts You May Not Know


Tons of die hard MMA fans know their facts about the sport. But they don’t know EVERYTHING. (Except for Josh Grass, we all bow to his knowledge at SciFighting. lol) In any case, we’ve compiled a list of 10 random MMA facts that even the most hardcore of MMA fans might not know. It’s also a great list to use to try and stump your friends at the next bar  meet to try and score some free drinks.

– ZUFFA is a REAL Word


Some assumed that this was some sort of combination of the Fertittas’ grandmothers’ names. But in Italian it means “scuffle.”

– Jason Reinhardt gave his mother crabs


The video tells all here.

– Travis Fulton has over 300 Professional Fights


This heavyweight has over 300 fights credited to himself. His record 247-49-20 has an amazing 150 by submission. He has competed with some of the best, but just about all those with a recognizable name have defeated him.

– Tito Ortiz’s real name


Surprise, surprise Tito isn’t his birth name. Christopher Jacob Ortiz. Tito was a nickname given by Daddy as a young tike.



Yes, the only fighter to hold a win by basically throwing his 700 pound self on top of his opponents head swallowing it. Emmanuel Yarborough.

– All up in your “grill”


UFC 1, Gerard Gordeau’s 30-second knock out of Telia Tuli had one of Tuli’s teeth kicked out into the crowd. That was just the beginning. Two more of Tuli’s teeth were stuck IN Gordeau’s foot as he went on to fight two more times that night.

– Banned


New York is the only state to ever ban the MMA. For along time many thought that it was banned in most of the states. People like John McCain and others in Congress were just appalled at the amount of violence that appeared in the early years of MMA, it was only banned in one state.

– It’s always nice to have a back-up plan


“Iceman” Chuck Liddell graduated from California Polytechnic State University with a BA in Business and Accounting. He’s also a certified accountant. So if his fighting career ever goes downhill he can always turn to crunching numbers.

– Zombie debute


Nate Quarry was a zombie in the video game Left 4 Dead 2. Check out the video of him on G4 talking about fighting zombies with MMA skills and the game Here.

– Iceman: The child actor


Liddell hit the list twice with his small role when he was just a young boy in the 1981 remake of the classic film “The Postman Always Rings Twice”, starring Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson. Check it out here.