UFC’s Mishandling Of Future Stars?


Why are fighters like Conor McGregor, who has an impressive 8 fight winning streak, being being placed on the preliminary card and fighters like Matt Mitrione, who at the time was on a 2 fight losing streak, placed on the main card?

Conor McGregor made short work of Marcus Brimage last Saturday at UFC on Fuel TV 9. He was already a fighter that the hardcore fan has already heard about and was excited to see his debut. He didn’t disappoint as the uppercut he landed on Brimage knocked him out 1:07 of the first round.

If the UFC is trying to make new stars, especially in the lower weight classes, then Conor and Brimage should have been on the main card. It would have been a great opportunity for both fighters as they both are moving up in the ranks quickly.

The fight with Mitrione and Defries was not going to help decide a new contender in the heavyweight division. Sure the fight ended in only 19 seconds but the fact is neither one of these fighters will be considered a contender anytime soon.

The UFC needs to do a better job of establishing the stars of tomorrow before there’s nothing worth watching anymore.

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