On The Menu: Tito Ortiz Smells “Something Fishy”


Tito Ortiz isn’t happy with the way his last fight went down and thinks that there was “something fishy” about it.  Granted you can usually take care of that with a bit of Axe deodorant, but the real red herring was the split-decision loss he was slapped in the face with against Forrest Griffin.

Everyone, including Tito himself, thought that he had won his battle against Forrest Griffin last year at UFC 148. Griffin was caught running out of the cage at the sound of the final bell, until Dana White had to run after him to get him back. That’s when the split-decision was announced and Griffin was the winner, surprising the fans and much of the media.

Ortiz tells GnP.tv that, “You drop a guy twice, take a guy down four times, you dominate. He never took me down and never hurt me.” He thought he had won.

There was also something “fishy” when they showed for the first time in UFC history ‘Strikes Attempted’. Not ‘Strikes Landed’. “When would you ever show somebody with ‘Strikes Attempted’!?” Ortiz says.

Perhaps the UFC could also incorporate strikes intended, or perhaps conceived.  That wouldn’t be subjective at all. . .  (or not!)


That’s not all that adds to the suspicion of the fight. Ortiz brings up that Dana had to go run and get Griffin to come back. How did Dana know how the fight was going to turn out? “Was it premeditated, was it pre-planned what the outcome was going to be? If I didn’t knock him out or submit him then they already knew who was going to win.”

Ortiz claims to have checked all of Griffin’s kicks. “My shin had a chipped bone on the tip of it because I checked all kicks… He never hurt me.” Joe Rogan’s commentary was like a one sided fight. Tito even called Rogan out on the phone and his pod cast but Rogan just danced around it not ever really answering those questions.

There is some light at the end of the tunnel with this whole thing. It’s not going to fix the fight but as UFC gave their word, Tito would be getting his knee surgery paid for from the pockets of Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta after the insurance company ruled they weren’t liable for that.

“I am very thankful for it,” Ortiz says. He will be able to throw around the football with his kids now after the surgery is all said and done. That’s looking on the bright side of things.