UFC 160: What A Difference A Year Makes

Photo via UFC.com / Getty Images

It seems that there is a tradition going on now a days within the UFC. On Memorial Day weekend, let’s stack it with heavyweights and let’s see which one falls first. It’s really an interesting predicament since last year at UFC 146 we witnessed Junior Dos Santos vs Frank Mir for the heavyweight title and the co-main event was Cain Velasquez vs Antonio “Big Foot” Silva.

We all know that Cain left Silva in a pool of his own blood and JDS had no problem taking care of Mir. Though only a year has passed, and what was yesterday’s co-main event is not this year’s main event.  Cain will Silva again but this time for the UFC heavyweight title.


Let’s not leave JDS out of the picture. He’ll be competing on the card as well, but instead of the main event slot he’ll now be switching places with Velasquez for the co-main event against hard hitting Samoan Mark Hunt.

It seems lately, where-ever JDS and Velasquez are, if they aren’t fighting each other they’re facing opposition on the same card.


At UFC on Fox I we had Velasquez vs. JDS then at UFC 146 there were both JDS vs. Mir and Velasquez vs Silva.  After that UFC 155 gave us JDS vs Velasquez II and now UFC 160 will give us yet another Velasquez vs Silva II  along with JDS vs. Hunt.

It seems almost inevitable that we’ll see these two fighters compete again to complete this coincidental trilogy. Never the less, both fighters are in their prime and they both have only one UFC loss in their respected careers. To each other (unsurprisingly)!

Regardless the outcome we have to admit we are intrigued by where this is going. Will UFC 160 be the last time we see them face off or are they destined to duel over titles forever?  Your guess is as good as ours, but do let us know what you think!