Ronda Rousey Answered Questions From Fans LIVE


Ronda Rousey was featured on the MetroPCS USTREAM event today and answered questions from fans.

Rousey was asked who she would like to fight next. Her response ended up being two people actually. “I’d like to coach against Miesha and fight Cat…” She really wanted to go up against Cat because she would like to break her undefeated streak. But Miesha she just wants to fight.

Another question was asked about if someone HAD to be a black belt to compete. Rousey replied with a no and said, “You don’t have to be a black belt. I’m a white belt in Jiu-Jitsu and i’m known for my armbar.”

Finance and agents came up in a question and Rousey said it’s really what you make of the situation. There are some people that are like the “Baltimore Ravens” and then you have the people that are the Joes in the back rolling the dice. It’s all about how professional the fighter wants to make things.

When she was asked about how she chose her walk out song – It was originally “Sex and Violence” but she ended up having to change it last second – she said she was having a bad day and it ended up that “Bad Reputation” by Joan Jett came on she thought, “Ya bad girl punk!” Later her god father posted something on Twitter saying that should be her song. It’s stuck in her head now and if any other girls wants to take it, it’d be a good way to get a fight with her.

Rousey went on to say that on fight day she does NOT like anyone joking around with her. She’s going out and risking her life and she doesn’t believe this is the time to be kidding around.

Someone wanted to see her tattoos. (Who doesn’t?)  They weren’t completely done but she showed them anyways. They were on her wrists.  One that was complete was a tattoo of a “codacon” (we weren’t completely sure if thats the right word or not), the other wasn’t finished but it was of an Octagon. She said that there’s more coming but wouldn’t tell just yet.

The rest of the session was just advice for others on the sport itself.

What do you think Rousey’s other tattoos will be?