What’s Next For Nick Diaz?


If Nick Diaz is truly going to retire from the UFC, what are his career options in the future? We all know that Nick Diaz has a legion of fans and no matter what he does, he will definitely stir up plenty of interest. Here are some possibilities for the Stockton champ.

Become a Manager: What budding fighter wouldn’t want to have Nick Diaz be their manager? He would go toe to toe any promoter and get in their face to make sure his client got what they wanted.

Be like Randy and join Bellator’s reality show: Bellator is doing a great job trying to push themselves into the next level of MMA mainstream media. They’re currently working on a MMA reality show to compete with TUF. How crazy would it be if he decided to coach on the UFC’s biggest competitor’s very own reality show. Ratings could go off the chart.

The fact he is currently under contract with UFC may seem like an issue that would require litigation to release him from his contract, yet he is already calling on his attorney to go after the UFC, the Canadian Athletic Commission and GSP for “Weight Gate” (the .9 pound allowance during his bout with GSP at UFC 158.) Go big or go home right?


If those options don’t work he could have his own reality TV show: If you have’t been to Youtube and seen some of his crazy antics then go check it out. He has some mad nunchuck skills, among other notable assets. I would gladly spend half an hour a week to see what those crazy Diaz brothers are up to. It would be entertaining, controversial, funny and possibly even dramatic.  Any network would be crazy not to sign them. Spike TV anyone?

Finally, Diaz could decide to just focus on Boxing: Nick has always stated that he has some of the best boxing in MMA. That is hard to argue. Could he compete against the best in all of boxing? He could go the Kimbo Slice route and make his way to boxing. We are certain his fans would follow.

What do you think? Are these good options for Diaz? Let us know what you think!