Why So Serious? Funny Moments Of MMA


It’s ALMOST the weekend, so why not have a little fun and take a look at some of these funny or maybe a better word, awkward, moments in MMA.

05_Flatbed_1 - OCTOBER

Iceman showing off some white-boy dance moves.


Come on guys you know you need to do a good lathering up before you shave… Razor burn?


“I knew I forgot something at the house….”



Excuse me, my face is up here, not down there. Thank you very much.


New technique for fighters. Defeat them with sweet nothings in their ears. It’s suppose to really catch your opponent off guard.


This one seems just a little unfair…


“Eeeehhh, that was definitely more than a fart…”


Tickle FIGHT!


Chuck Norris…. well because it’s Chuck Norris


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