Benson Henderson And FOX Are A “Thing”


Benson Henderson has said that he perfers being on FOX rather than on pay-per-view.

The fighter has preformed on two FOX broadcast and is looking to perform on another headline against Gilbert Melendez and this is actually his preference.

“(I felt) probably pretty much the same, but it was taken very well. I did a pretty good job. I earned a ‘W.’ But, just the number of people who tuned in for the main event, 5.5 million, that’s a lot of people. That smashes any pay-per-view numbers. A lot of guys talk about pay-per-view buys. I don’t give a crap about pay-per-view stuff. I like fighting on the biggest platform and FOX is that platform. I’m excited to be on FOX for the second time in a row. I think that it shows the trust the UFC top brass and the FOX top brass have in me. They think I’ll portray the sport in the right manner. I think it’s the cool to have that bigger platform. 5.5 million viewers and the core demographic of males, but it’s great to be watched by soccer moms who are flipping channels, they stop and watch and become fans. I go to the grocery store now, 50-year-old soccer moms say, ‘I saw you on TV.’ I really dig that, and it only happened after being on that big of a platform.” via

Now there isn’t anything said about the complete perks that a fighter gets for UFC events on pay-per-view, even for the event itself, minus the exposure like Henderson says. A lot of the headliners in the pay-per-views will get something off of the sales of the event. Now this being said when a fighter is trying to get some quick exposure and get his name out there then of course FOX would be the best bet. But with exposure comes higher pay for the fighters and that’s when you get pushed into the pay-per-view. So really both are good in their own ways.

Which one would you think to be better? Fox? Pay-per-view? Both?

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