Diaz Tests Clean From UFC 158 Bout


There was definitely some uncertainty going through the minds of media and fans alike seeing if Diaz would test positive for marijuana once again after his fight with Georges St. Pierre. No need to worry fight fans, as word is coming out that all of the fighters’ tests from UFC 158 came out clean.

Diaz has already tested positive, twice, for marijuana. Once at Pride 33 during against Takanori Gomi, where Diaz was able to submit him with a gogoplata. The win was however turned to a no-contest due to the failed drug test. HIs other failed test came at UFC 143 against Carlos Condit for the Interim UFC Welterweight title.

Diaz has stated that he will stay retired unless he gets a rematch with St. Pierre or a fight with Anderson Silva. Both seem highly unlikely at this point due to his lack luster performance at UFC 158 and the fact he’s on a two fight losing streak.

The question is: Can the UFC or the fans get Diaz to come out of his supposed retirement again, or will he be true to his word?

There is always hope that we will see that catch weight bout with Cyborg Santos in the future. (Just Kidding)