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Top 5 Knockouts Of TUF


During every season of TUF, we are always looking forward to which fighters can truly bring it on and have the ability to become a star in the UFC. Every once in a while we get to witness a breath taking knockout that leaves an amazing impression on not only the fans but on Zuffa, LLC. as well. Here are our picks for the top 5 knockouts in the history of TUF.

#5 Diego Brandao vs. Jesse Newell

The only way to describe Diego Brandao is a fireball. He was so explosive in his bouts during season 14 of TUF. He would only move forward and aim to take your head off. Unfortunately for Jesse Newell, he was on the receiving end of what is easily recognized as the best knockout of the season. The fight ended with a crazy left hand jab 47 seconds into the first round.

#4 Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Edwards

Season 13 of TUF was not the most exciting when it comes to the added drama that we love to see between the coaches, yet Tony Ferguson gave us without a doubt one of the most amazing knockouts of the season.  Everyone expected Brock Lesnar to be a key vocal point throughout the season since we had seen how dramatic he can be. (See UFC 100) Instead, Tony Ferguson would eventually win the entire season of TUF and end it with one beauty of a knockout. He threw a standing kick right to the jaw of Justin Edwards at 3:56 of the first round.

#3 Brad Tavares vs. Jordan Smith

Season 11 of TUF was far from exciting to say the least. Tito getting injured with just a couple episodes left and the fact that we were not going to witness the trilogy bout between Tito and Chuck definitely left a sour taste in the mouths of fans and media alike. The key knockout of this season however was all Brad Tavares. Just 37 seconds into the first round, he was able to flourish Jordan Smith with a ridiculous back peddling right hook that knocked him out and ended the fight instantly.

#2 Matt Riddle vs. Dan Simmler

Now Matt Riddle might not be in the best position as of late, getting fired from the UFC and testing positive for marijuana during his last two fights. However, that doesn’t negate the fact taht his knock out of Dan Simmler during season 7 of TUF was anything other than amazing. He violently shattered Simmler’s jaw and left a moment that will always be remembered in TUF history.

#1 Uriah Hall vs Adam Cella

We’re midway through Season 17 and Uriah Hall is proving he is a man who has been blessed with the ability to make every fight a memorable one. His brutal spinning hook kick is one of the greatest and most violent knockouts ever. Uriah became a fan favorite overnight. Let’s see if he ends up winning the whole season. If he keeps adding highlight reel knockouts like he has been, he definitely has a great chance.

We would like to thank Evan Stoumbelis for suggesting the theme of this article! Are there any knock outs that we missed? Please feel free to comment.