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The World’s Most Lethal Martial Arts – Readers Choice Edition


You asked for it and here it is. We’ve taken our readers’ and fans’ suggestions and compiled a new list of Super DUPER, Lethal Martial Arts!



– This lethal combat method whats used by those crazy Russian Forces, it is said to be similar to Krav Maga in that it’s sole purpose to cause as much damage and pain as fast as humanly possible! Again like Krav Maga that also means death ASAP! Systema has a stucture that appears to be completely structureLESS. The actions that you take may seem slow to the eye but are actually very highly developed, rational timing and deceptive moves because the fighter is remaining calm. This form is designed to work for unpredictable situations (Various weapons, multiple opponents, small spaces, uneven terrain, low lighting).

Credit goes to David Webster for this suggestion.

Pancak Silat

pencak silat

– This form of martial arts has very little known of its history. That in itself is said to be a reason as to why it is so dangerous. There’s a “mystery” surrounding it. Silat has over 800 different styles. Most of those in the States are very effective and quite devestating. There aren’t months of slow training, from day 1 you start with destructive and lethal training.

Credit goes to David Webster for this suggestion.



– This form of martial arts is descirbed in terms of “external” arts versus the Wudang which would be considered “Internal” arts. The fighters leap around with force and strength. This art can make someone who is unskilled very exhausted and short of breath. You see these types of fighting styles in Kung Fu with Shaolin being a form of Kung Fu. The skills include jumping and scaling walls, pole-top leaping, dexterity training and nerve and pressure point manipulation. The projection of the iron body and the steel fingers that eventually result in the death touch.

Credit goes to Mathew Acosta and Sol Black for this suggestion.



– This martial art is a deadly combination of wrestling mixed with grappling. The Red Army developed it to improve the Soviet special force’s hand to hand combat. The form includes joint tearing, bone breaking and numerous other attacks. It means “Self-Defense Without Weapons”. They include moves that involve being able to neutralize or terminate your attacker with his own knife as well.

Credit goes to Mathew Acosta and Sol Black for this suggestion.

Celtic Martial Arts


– The celtics had many different styles of fighting with and without weapons. It’s speculated that these were the path for some of the first organized martial arts. Because the Celtic’s stick to a tradition of what you might consider dirty fighting they have ignored many Asian style techniques that might inhibit a fighters ability to employ the most efficient self defense tactics.  The Celtic’s kicking techniques are all low and below the belt with the hand kept high and protective, punches for the use of power of the whole body and blocks use the most durable parts of the body. The weapons of the Celtic martial art include swords, staffs, spears and slings.

Credit goes to Joshua Tyrer for this suggestion.

Dutch Kickboxing


– This martial art is quite efficient as it takes some of the most effective elements of western boxing, Kyokoshin Karate and Muay Thai, combining them into one fluid form.  While some of the moves may look similar to Muay Thai and Karate, the Dutch have improved upon some already excellent art forms by making the stance more versatile, the kicks more devastating and favoring a more effective blend of power and speed.

Credit goes to Joshua Tyrer for this suggestion.

No Gi Jiu-Jitsu


– This art form gives the fighter better control over their opponents with positioning and control of their body weight. Not using the Gi forces the fighter to to be more adaptable and able to refine their techniques to be much more effective against an opponent no matter what they may be wearing.

Credit goes to Joshua Tyrer for this suggestion.

Snake Form Wing Chun

wing chun

– This style believes that the person with better body struture will win. In essence, the stance is compared to that of a piece of bamboo. Firm but flexible, rooted but yielding. This stance is used in two different ways, to deflect external forces or redirect them. The structure of the stance is important for both attacking and defending. When a fighter is aligned to be braced against the ground, the force of his/her hit can be much more devastating.

Credit goes to Joshua Tyrer for this suggestion.



– This one I personally find most interesting due to the fact it isn’t something that has been passed down through the ages.  If you’ve seen Christopher Nolan’s Batman then you’ve seen this style of fighting. It’s fighting system is designed for the self defense in the 21st century in close quarters such as a bar or night club. It is adaptable enough to be able to grab pretty much anything and use it as a weapon, Jackie Chan style if you may. It also has a 360 degree approach that makes the fighter able to defend against multiple opponents coming from different directions.

Credit goes to Maverick for this suggestion.

Now the real question is, since this is the Reader’s choice, what do you think the rankings should be on these? 

  • Lance Mann

    What about Kung Fu San Soo ? I have heard it can be quite devastating if taught like Jimmy Woo taught it. Read the history behind this fighting style that dispenses with the stylized forms and goes down and dirty like the rest.

    • I’m definitely going to look into this one THANKS!!

    • All kung fu arts usually at higher levels teach very dirty techniques. Low thrusting kicks to the knees, insteps, groin and bladder are very common. Many palm strikes to the heart spleen liver and throat as well. In some forms they teach you to follow your opponent to the ground with rapid hand strikes to the torso. The goal in this technique is to make it impossible for your opponent to breath

  • Man only if Bruce Lee could see this lol

  • Fighting Panda

    Again, there are positives and negatives to this argument when referring to DEADLY arts and having BOTH sport and fighting arts. A couple of things to think about are how are you measuring DEADLY, if you use historically or number of dead in battles or tactically deadliest all around art. Historically, styles like shaolin, FMA (eskrima/Kali/Arnis), ninjitsu and silat reign in that category because of number of causalities, time the style has been around and adaptation to tactics.

    post firearm era/the birth of urban survival tactics more specifically styles like systema, kajukenbo, LINE, Crucible, tactical systems of FMA and other Hybrids systems reign supreme for adaptation and modernization in the new age of combat.

  • Blend all these and you’d have some seriously deadly skill. However I still favor the Celtic style being a Gael myself. Also it was taught with the singular purpose to kill. Those whom have not studied it don’t realize that there’s also tremendous amounts of grappling involved.it’s said by the Gaels that the greeks studied this style changed things around a bit and pankration was born.

  • Also want to add to the snake form. The cobra like snakes are where this art form first found inspiration. The cobra leans back and tightens it’s muscles waiting to release powerful precise single strikes. The cobra will almost mirror any movement his enemy makes, lagging behind slightly. The purpose for this mirroring is to be able to strike with precision by anticipating the placement of your target. You do not strike at where they are but where they will be when the strike will land most powerfully

  • FrObu28

    a think kali is the most deadly and lethal historically speaking, ex. korean war 200,000 chinese army vs 10,000 filipino soldiers the story is that because of lack of ammunition the filipino soldiers let their allies to fallback and re establish new battle position while the 10,000 hold back the 200,000 chinese soldiers when the dawn breaks people and reporters saw a blood bath of thousands of chinese soldiers and a sum not greater than 15 of filipino soldiers. another example happened recently when sa special action force police sniper was surrounded by 8 heavily armed and trained rebels all 8 are killed and the sniper survived luckily he finished training kali.

  • Brent Jones

    What about Greco Roman and is it still practiced today.