Anderson Silva And His Lack Of Title Defenses


Anderson Silva is one of the best fighters on in the UFC. The way he is so elusive and makes every fight seem so effortless. Some might wonder why he doesn’t defend his title or even fight as much as other champions. If you look at the past two years, Anderson has only defended his Middleweight title on three occasions: UFC 126, UFC 134, and UFC 148 and he also has one bout with Stephen Bonnar that took place at UFC 153 in Brazil.

We have seen plenty of UFC champions such as Demetrious ” Mighty Mouse” Johnson and Ben “smooth” Henderson who are fighting consistently defending their titles against their top opposition. So what gives? Why does Anderson only have to fight once or twice a year but is also looking to get a new 10 fight contract with the UFC.


We all know that he is scheduled to fight Chris Weidman at UFC 162. This is the only fight that makes sense in regards to Anderson defending his title. With contenders such as Michael Bisping, Alan Belcher, and even Rashad Evans all being offered a shot at the belt if they were successful in their last fight, none of them were able to get the “W” and initially helped set up Weidman with his shot at the title.

It seemed at times that Anderson was trying to avoid this fight at all costs. Stating that Weidman is just a kid and that he is not ready for this title fight. Did he forgot that he got his shot at the title after just one fight in the UFC? Should he be able to pick his opponents since he has been such a dominant champion or just fight whoever Zuffa, LLC. thinks is a good pick for him?

With the lack of title defenses that we have been witnessing from Anderson throughout the years, is that a sign that he’s only about the big pay days now and perhaps he’s lost a love of the sport? There aren’t many compelling fights for him left in his division, so could a move up to light heavyweight  be a positive move for him or should he just stay at middleweight?

With a fighter like Anderson, he has only a few options left and if he does indeed defeat Weidman on this Fourth of July weekend he may wait until new contenders emerge, take some fights in the Light Heavyweight division or try to promote those super fights with St. Pierre and Jones that all the fans want to see.

Are there any contenders that you think have a chance at beating Anderson Silva? Has Anderson earned the right to take extended breaks like he has the past few years?

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