Urijah Faber And The Endless Title Talk


The California Kid
has always been one of the most recognizable fighters in the UFC. He was the most dominant featherweight champion during the WEC and was also in the first bantamweight title fight with Dominick Cruz at UFC 132. Today however he has failed to win in his last 5 title attempts. He always seems to win the contender fights and gets those opportunities to win the belt but always comes up short.

The problem with always giving Faber title shots is that it delays the opportunities for other fighters who have developed pretty good winning streaks of their own and are not given the opportunity because they lack the recognition of Faber. We understand that the UFC needs to maintain a revenue stream but sooner or later seeing the same fighters constantly getting and missing title shots will grow tiresome and fans will look elsewhere for entertainment (Bellator anyone?).

After losing his last chance at a title in UFC 149 against Renan Barao, he has defeated Ivan Menjivar and is scheduled to fight Scott Jorgensen at TUF 17 finale. If Faber is able to win this fight, will another title shot be lined up for him? Does anyone want to see Barao Vs. Faber 2?


The only way that Faber should be given another opportunity is if Cruz comes back and is able to defend his title against whoever is holding the interim belt at the time. There are plenty of people who would be willing to see that fight again and whether it is for the belt or not, that fight has a high possibility of happening so the trilogy can be complete.

If Barao is still the champion, then Urijah should be helping the company by adding his big fight experience to some of the up-and-comers, helping them get some name recognition by competing against them.

Faber can still be a megastar for the UFC, there is nothing wrong with that, but Faber helping build the younger talent would be helping Zuffa, LLC. in creating future champions.  All this will help build the division and the sport, so they won’t have to rely on only a few bantamweight stars.

Do you believe that Faber deserves one more chance at the belt or has his time has come and gone? TUF Finale 17 will hopefully answer some of these questions and we will be watching.