Dominick Cruz Still Has No Date For Expected Return


Dominick Cruz, UFC Bantamweight champion has had some problems getting back into the cage.

His knee injuries keep holding him back from defending his title. At UFC 148 he was scheduled to defend his title against Urijah Faber, but even after the first injury occurred later that December the fighter re-injured his himself during some light training and had to have ANOTHER surgery on his ACL.


Fast forward four months… Still no date has been set for Cruz to return to the octagon but he is saying that he won’t be making any mistakes like that again. Even so none of this is holding anyone back from repeatedly asking him what the date will be for his return.

“I’m not gonna let media or anybody else push me on a date. ‘Give us a date. That’s all we want. We want a date, Dominick. Give us a date to look at!’ I can’t. I want a date. I don’t have one. I’m listening to my doctors because if I don’t do that, I get hurt again. The focus is ‘pull the reigns down’, pull the reigns on myself. Don’t let myself go in there too soon and just do the work I can with the UFC, with my sponsors, do everything I can on Fuel TV and say to the fans I will be back. I’m coming back. I’m working hard. No date yet but I’ll give it out when I have it. I promise.”


Cruz just needs the right amount of time to get back into fighting condition. He seems to be taking the proper precautions to get his knee back in shape but it’s just not going fast enough for everyone else it seems. Patience people, patience. . .