Top 3 UFC April Fools


April Fools is always a time to come up with some clever way of pranking your friends. You always have to be watching your back and can’t believe anything anyone says. It’s a gullible person’s worst nightmare of a day.

But what happens when UFC fighters join in on the fun with their fans? Fans are already hanging on every word that their favorite fighter says on Twitter, Facebook and websites. Then you give them a day that it’s “OK” to prank anyone end everyone and these guys go to town with their stories and boy do they have one hell of a poker face.

These are our picks for the TOP 3 UFC April Fools pranks of 2013:

#3 Tim Kennedy, former star of Strikeforce, used Alexander Gustafsson injury to his advantage and claimed that he was en-route to Sweden to take on Mousasi as the replacement. He didn’t keep it up long enough though. He later said it wasn’t true and his first fight wouldn’t be Mousasi, but against Roger Gracie. Don’t worry someone else took this prank to another level in our number 1 spot!

#2 It seems that “injury” was the key player in the years top pranks around the social media. BJ Penn claimed on his website that,

“The injury bug is starting to spread. After rumor of the UFC on FUEL TV 9 event being in jeopardy due to an injury to Alexander Gustafsson, sources are now reporting that Jon Jones has suffered an undisclosed injury forcing him out of the UFC 159 Main Event.”

He went on to make claim that a “legend of the sport has stepped up” aKa BJ Penn himself to take on the fight and he has made a call to White to make the fight happen against Sonnen.

Wanderlei Silva

#1 Wanderlei Silva is in the number one spot and he was definitely going for broke!  Silva really just committed to this thing! There were articles written and so many people pranked. Wanderlei took our number 3 spot and made it even better! Silva went to the twitter-sphere yesterday saying that he would be the replacement for Gustafsson in the main event for UFC on Fuel TV 9 with only 6 day notice. He claimed that UFC officials contacted him about filling in the spot.

Dana White tried to assure everyone saying that the main event was “still on” and Gustafsson was still in the fight. But Silva posted this thing on TWITTER!! This guy has 350 THOUSAND followers AND Sliva takes it to another level by telling a SporTV reporter and journalists that has known “The Axe Murderer” for years that this was infact completely true! He was going to be leaving for Sweden today, Tuesday!

Even when he was asked if it was an April Fools joke, Silva still said no. It was real. He would be fighting Mousasi.

Well at that point the journalists ran with the story. They had received verbal confirmation  from the actual source himself. That’s actually MORE confirmation than most journalists get. It’s their job! Get the breaking news out to the fans.

It all fell apart today though with a single tweet:

“I catch you wand the best April first ever!! But I would like this to be true!!! O melhor primeiro de Abril ever,+ so nao vou por que o UFC nao me ligou + eu gostaria que isso fosse verdade!!! Bom dia”

This guy….

What’s funny now is that he may just be fighting in that match if Gustafsson actually can’t since he’s already made such a huge deal about it.

Now a lot of people are saying you shouldn’t lie to your fan base and blah blah. It’s April Fools and everyone, including serious fighters, should be able to have a little fun every now and then. No harm done. At the end of the day you had your favorite fighter pull an awesome prank on you. How cool is that?!