Ryan Couture Fighting For His Own Legacy


Ryan Couture
will be making his UFC debut against Ross Pearson this weekend. It is well known that Octagon jitters can play a huge role in a fighter’s debut. Not only does Ryan have to deal with those emotions but also with all of the drama pertaining to his father UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture and UFC President Dana White, he has to ignore all of the talk, and just focus on the fight at hand.

Most people are going to watch this fight based on the name value and the legacy that Randy was able to leave during his time in the octagon. This will be Ryan’s opportunity to make the most of what is presented to him. Competing against a highly experienced fighter like Ross Pearson is just what Ryan needs to assure the UFC and fans that he can compete with the best and start his own legacy in the process.

Anyone who’s fought will know that making a UFC debut is an intimidating and emotional event, but to have your first fight be a Co-Main Event (sure it’s only on Fuel TV but nonetheless) on a UFC fight card brings added pressure to the career path of Ryan Couture. Zuffa, LLC. appears to have faith that they have a future star on their hands if they are willing give an opportunity like this to the young Couture.

For Ryan, now is the time to perform.  This is a do or die moment in his career.  Will he always be known as Randy’s Son or will he be able to build a name for himself that garners the support and recognition his father had?

Many fans are waiting with baited breath to see if Couture be able to prevail against one of the toughest and hardest punchers in the Lightweight division or if he will crumble under the lights.  In the end, this fight will be determined by Ryan’s skill as a fighter, how hard he’s trained and nothing else.  Will it be enough?  There is only one way to find out and the fans will be watching.