Who’s Next In Line For UFC Light Heavyweight Title?


There will be
plenty of questions that follow the main event at UFC on Fuel TV 9 this weekend. Alexander Gustaffson is squaring off with Gegard Mousasi in a pivotal bout that has major title applications to it. We all know that Dana White said Machida would get another title shot after his unaspiring win over Dan Henderson at UFC 157, but is that a fight that will excite the fans?

Jon Jones made his mark when they fought for the belt the first time at UFC 140. Jones was able to finish Machida with a standing Guillotine choke that left Lyoto unconscious and Jones looking like an unstoppable force in the Light Heavyweight Division. So why another title shot? Is it simply a money making decision for the UFC? There must be some other fight out there for Jones instead of a rematch that no one, besides Machida, is asking for.


The real number one contender’s bout will be taking place in Stockholm, Sweden April 6th. 15-1-0 “The Mauler” will look to continue his consecutive winning streak, for a total of seven, when he fights 33-3-2 “The Dreamcatcher.” Few believe Mousasi has much of a chance and Gustafsson is the clear favorite in this bout, but Alexander shouldn’t underestimate him since he hasn’t been finished in nearly seven years and he has the skill set to pull off an upset.

Should a fighter who has six straight victories,going for his seventh, be overlooked in favor of a fighter who is only on a two fight winning streak and has already had his chance at UFC gold on a number of occasions?  It would seem more prudent to wait and see who the winner of the Mousasi/Gustafsson bout is before deciding on the next challenger for the title.

The only way Machida would make a compelling choice for a shot at the title is if Chael Sonnen shocks the world by pulling the upset on Jones. There’s the potential for history in the making as well as a great sense of drama in that fight. If Jones wins, we should see a new contender.  One who actually deserves a shot at the title.  It is doubtful fans want to see an older contender that appears to be trying fix the mistakes they’ve made in the past.