Randy Couture May Be Able To Corner His Son This Weekend


Randy Couture could be the cornerman for his sons fight at UFC on Fuel TV 9, considering everything still goes on as planned given Gustaffson’s cut.

As most know Dana White and Randy Couture  aren’t exactly on the best of terms. White was even quoted talking to Couture’s son Ryan, “I want you to be here if you want to be here, but understand this: Me and your dad are not good. Me and your dad are never going to be good. . . as I walk this (expletive) planet.”

Randy Couture “couldn’t buy a ticket to this (expletive) event”, White went on to say. Given these statements, how could he be allowed to corner his son?

According to George Sallfeldt, Head of the new Swedish MMA Federation, it looks like he could get that chance.  Sallfeldt explained that there are no rules or bylaws of any kind that could allow the UFC to keep White from letting Couture being his sons cornerman.

“We don’t have any rules about who can corner an athlete. That’s up to the athlete. We talked to the UFC and they have no problems with anyone cornering anyone. I don’t see any problems in this specific case.”, Sallfeldt said.

Now it’s up to the UFC to provide an official response.  If they are wise they will allow logic to prevail and put past disputes where they belong.