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Sara McMann: Future UFC Bantam Weight Champion?


Sara McMannSince the amazing performance that both Ronda Rousey and Liz Carmouche put on at UFC 157 many (including us at SciFighting) who the next contender to the Bantam weight title is.  Ronda has an amazingly successful strategy, although during the fight with Carmouche some of her inexperience with Brazilian Jiujitsu did put her in a slightly sticky situation.  Never the less, she persevered maintaining her incredible first round arm bar winning streak.

There’s been a lot of talk about Cristiane “Cyborg” Santos cutting weight to challenge Ronda, however according to most pundits the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.  Rather we need someone who is already competing in the Bantam weight division, so who is out there?  Who specifically with the grappling skill to give Ronda a run for her money.

Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos

Thanks to one of our fans Harry Clifford Shearer for reminding us in a recent FaceBook poll, one name comes to mind, Sara McMann.  Born in Tacoma Park, Maryland September 24th 1980 she went on to become the first American woman in history to receive the Silver Medal for Freestyle Wrestling at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.  Since then she has been making a name for her self in MMA, albeit not without some setbacks.  Many of those due to administrative and contractual issues with the promotions company she was originally signed with.  After finally joining StrikeForce in late 2012, she has recently been brought into the fold of the UFC (February of 2013).

McMann is currently undefeated with 1 win by TKO in the first round, 2 by Submission and 3 by Unanimous Decision.  Sure they weren’t all first round arm bars, but we think it’s time that Ronda show the world she is more than a one trick pony.  Many have cited that Rousey’s pure athleticism is her greatest strength.  That being reinforced by her Olympic training and discipline.

McMann vs Gaff - Courtesy of Sherdog.com

Well now we have another Olympic athlete to challenge Rousey.  The question is, when will such a fight take place?  In the mean time Sara McMann is scheduled to fight Sheila Gaff at UFC 159 on April 27th 2013, albeit on the undercard (UFC on FX).  We think this is an unfortunate arrangement.  If we are to have women’s bouts in UFC then why not have the few that are there on the main card?

That being said what do you think?  Will Sara McMann be the one to challenge Rousey’s hold on the Bantam weight title?

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